We are all travelers
on the River of Time...


River of Time Photography

My name is Ed Morykwas.
I took all the pictures
on this website.

"The River of Time"
actually started as a poem
that I wrote for a friend
celebrating her 21st birthday
while stationed overseas
during the war.

I wanted to tell her
something meaningful.

I wanted to say...
This is all an illusion.
Every morning we tell ourselves,
"It's just another ordinary day."
So we go places,
do things,
talk to people,
but we never stop to think about
how life really goes on.

We are all travelers
on the River of Time.

What can we do
to embrace each moment
and be AWARE as humanly possible?

In photographs,
time stands still.

When I take pictures,
it forces me to pay attention--
to open my eyes
and truly
what's in front of me.

In photographs,
we can go back in time,
remembering people, places,
and experiences--
even those long gone--
and share them
with others,
even if they
weren't there originally.

Photos are windows...
or maybe they're doorways?

I'm retired now
(no new clients)
but I'm still taking pictures
precious day
of this
crazy life together
River of Time.

Come be a sailor,
a sailor with me.

I hope you enjoy
your moments on this site,
and I hope you have
a very good journey

If you'd like to see
a 3-minute YouTube video
of my "River of Time" poem
just turn on your speakers
and click here.

Thank you!

p.s. My friend
returned from the war,
safe and sound.